Trampoline park

Something very unique has been created by Akrobat recently – the Fun Park Zaka Bled. This Outdoor Trampoline Park, equipped with lights, sound, and interactive games, is open.

Fun Park Zaka, as the park is called, extends over 600 m2 and is situated in a charming location surrounded by trees. Designed to literally blend in with the environment, it features trampolines of widely varied shapes and sizes, and color combinations that match the relaxing natural views.

One of the modules is the so-called trampoline river, which, together with other elements such as the Battle Beam gladiator games, Slack Line strips, and air mats, provides a unique fun-packed course for all visitors. There is also plenty to do for fans of digital games, who can enjoy themselves in the open air while playing exciting interactive games such as Visi Game and Visi Touch. A special atmosphere is created by the background music and attractive lighting, which is also built into many of the trampolines.

Jumping on trampoline (30min)
8 €
jumping on trampoline (60min)
14 €
10 multi pass
99 €