Trampoline provides relaxation and fun as well as great practice for body and soul. In sports and fun centre Inter Games Bled we offer you both!

Our trampolines meet the standards for professional athletes practice. Our cooperation with Slovenian skiing, ski jumping and cross-country skiing national team proves that. They all carry out some of their acrobatics practices at our center in Bled. Inter Games Bled organised the 1. Regional trampoline-jumping competition. All professional and recreational athletes wishing to learn more about this wonderful sport art can hire a personal instructor!

Of course trampolines are primarily a fun activity for children and adults as well. Is there anything more rewarding than to watch your child engage in a playful activity which takes place outside and by the way helps in his or hers psychological and physical development? Maybe they will meet some new friends as well!?

Jumping on trampoline (15min)
3 €
Bungee jumping on trampoline (5min)
5 €
Trampoline season ticket
80 €